School Privacy

Publicly funded schools disclose/publish a certain amount of personal info about students and will give info on request unless explicitly opt out. Private school policies vary. You can control this directory info or use what’s called a FERPA hold to make it so that your school restricts all of your information such that no one, even you, can receive info or even confirm you’re a student except in person or by official university email. It’s a process done with the registrar of your school and is pretty quick and easy and no specific reason has to be disclosed. FERPA holds are most commonly used with students experiencing stalking or intimate partner violance so departments in a school that provide resources to students in those areas can also be supports to brainstorming protecting personal info at school. It’s also good to talk to specific people in your program if possible about things like photo release forms or promotional communications stuff you may be included in, as FERPA applies to your educational record but not everything you do as a student.  Using the language of “stalking” and “harassment” is usually a good way to navigate requesting this protection (& it’s true!).