Resource Guides

Guides and Walkthroughs We Love:

  • We can’t recommend the Electronic Frontier foundation enough – they are cautious and don’t overstate recommendations and seriously vet the hell out of the tools they suggest.
  • Prism Break aggregates tools and applications for various operating systems that aim to avoid mass government surveillance. Need a password manager or a mail server? Check here for links to resources
  • For a straightforward, detailed guide on setting up PGP email encryption, Free Software Foundation has this:
  • This guide from Equality Labs is a good overview of what areas to think about and protect yourself in when you are or may be subject to doxxing type of attacks.
  • Jolly Roger’s Security Guide for Beginners is a solid, extensive guide that includes useful examples of when security practices have failed and what not to do. It can be a little overwhelming but strongly recommended to understand the vulnerabilities we have to the state as we implement these tools.
  • Data Detox Guide – this guide goes through baby steps to understand and limit mass surveillance. It can be a profoundly useful starting point, as it breaks down the various data gathering entities it looks at into 8 days, with small steps to take each day.

Less Recommended Guides:

  • This guide is often recommended for quick encryption basics and it has good tips for low-security concern people who may be overwhelmed by larger guides, but we can’t highly recommend it because the tips still leave gaping holes (like not pushing password length). This maybe a useful first step for total security novices, however.
  • Equality Labs’ checklist guide is a good beginner walkthrough from phone to network. We do recommend doing independent research on the recommended tools, as the reliance on brand rather than philosophy makes us a little nervous to unequivocally recommend. However, if you need a basic presentation for broad security steps, it’s already a slideshow!
  • A mix of know-your-rights, staying okay guides and security resource guides. Ranges across changing legal gender and cleaning up criminal records through border digital security. (sorry there’s also some “we love voting” guides on here)
  • This quick customized recommendation site is good to get some general ideas at what to look at for security and includes some recommendations that are solid.  It also trusts companies like Google in a way that seems pretty jacked so evaluate what they recommend and ask yourself whether you trust corporations with keeping your data hidden.