Compromised Accounts

For information on what to watch out for when interacting with the accounts of friends and comrades, see our page on warning signs and ways to reduce risk.

Worried your account has been compromised?

  • Check major breaches to see if your information is becoming higher profile. Ideally, you won’t be reusing passwords across sites, but having email logins in major data breaches makes you more of a target for attempted hacks. A good place to quickly search breaches and pastes:
  • If you believe your email may have been accessed, some services log access locations. This is a way that we are hemorrhaging data to our service, but in this case it can be helpful to us as well. Check if there’s a way to view the last IP addresses that have logged into your account. Cross-check with your location and with that of any VPNs or anonymizing services you may be using and make sure there are no unexpected locations.
    • For google accounts, go to gmail (NOT inbox) and hit the “Details” button in the bottom right. It should show you the last locations to access your account.
  • Check your email regularly for any sent or forwarded information – watch for suspicious activity or unexpected replies.
  • Look out for accounts that log out unexpectedly or unusually – this may be a sign that someone else is using it.
  • Have you clicked on any email links lately?  You may have been phished for credentials or ended up with a worm like a keylogger on your computer – watch out for any odd behavior.
  • Take notifications of unknown login attempts seriously and take the opportunity to implement better security before they have a chance to get in.
  • Keep an eye on when your account has last been accessed – strange times may be outsiders using it and they may be able to VPN into your area if it’s known. Don’t freak yourself out though – know what devices are connected and how they might be syncing your information so you don’t get panicked by regular, approved use.

If these signs seem familiar or you’ve just been all the way locked out of your account, check out our guide to reclaiming and securing compromised accounts.