The same way that Google is scraping Android data, Apple is constantly trying to sync all your information into iCloud.

  • Disable “find my iPhone” – it’s a super easy way to track the heck out of you.
  • To remove from your phone, go to your settings and hit your Apple ID. Ask it to “sign out” and it should prompt you to choose what data you would like to keep on your phone. We suggest doing this before pruning your iCloud down to avoid losing needed information.
  • Log into iCloud and you’ll see how much info it’s been storing on you. We strongly suggest cleaning this out and letting go of the ease of syncing all information to every new device with the added security of having self-made backups stored in your choice of location where backups are needed.
  • Note: we are still building our repository of iPhone and Apple information and would appreciate any updates, extra info, or tricks for getting more secure and clearing out data.